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Special Price for Material Handling Conveyor Belt - Pipe Belt Conveyor for Bulk Materials – Sino Coalition


The pipe belt conveyor is one kind of materials conveying device in which the rollers arranged in a hexagonal shape force the belt to be wrapped into circular tube. The head, tail, feeding point, emptying point, tensioning device and the like of the device are basically same in structure with the conventional belt conveyor. After the conveyor belt is fed in the tail transition transition section, it is gradually rolled into a circular tube, with material transported in sealed condition, and then it is gradually unfolded in the head transition section till unloading.


·During the conveying process of the pipe belt conveyor, the materials are in a closed environment and will not pollute the environment such as material spilling, flying and leakage. Realizing harmless transportation and environmental protection. ·As the conveyor belt is formed into circular tube, it can realize large curvature turns in vertical and horizontal planes, so as to easily bypass various obstacles and cross roads, railways and rivers without intermediate transfer. ·No deviation, the conveyor belt will not deviate.Deviation monitoring devices and systems are not required throughout the process, reducing the maintenance cost. ·Two-way conveying of materials to improve the efficiency of the conveying system. ·Meet multi-field applications, suitable for various material conveying.On the conveying line, under the special process requirements of the circular pipe belt conveyor, the tubular belt conveyor can realize one-way material transportation and two-way material transportation, in which the one-way material transportation can be divided into one-way pipe forming and two-way pipe forming. ·The belt used in the pipe conveyor is close to the ordinary one, so it is easy to accept by the user.