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Professional Design Bucket Elevator Pulley - Various types of Apron feeder spare parts – Sino Coalition

Product Description

1-Baffle plate 2-Drive bearing house 3-Drive shaft 4-Sprocket 5-Chain unit 6-Supporting wheel 7-Sprocket 8-Frame 9 - Chute plate 10 - Track chain 11 - Reducer 12 - Shrink disc 13 - Coupler 14 - Motor 15 - Buffer spring 16 - Tension shaft 17 Tension bearing house 18 - VFD unit. Main shaft device: it is composed of shaft, sprocket, backup roll, expansion sleeve, bearing seat and rolling bearing. The sprocket on the shaft drives the chain to run, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Chain unit: mainly composed of track chain, chute plate and other parts. The chain is a traction component. Chains of different specifications are selected according to the traction force. The plate is used for loading materials. It is installed on the traction chain and driven by the traction chain to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Supporting wheel: there are two kinds of rollers, long roller and short roller, which are mainly composed of roller, support, shaft, rolling bearing (long roller is sliding bearing), etc. The first function is to support the normal operation of the chain, and the second is to support the groove plate to prevent plastic deformation caused by material impact. Sprocket: To support the return chain to prevent excessive deflection, affecting the normal operation of the chain.