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What are the methods of handling the abnormal situation of Apron feeder?

The apron feeder is specially designed for uniformly conveying large blocks of materials before the coarse crusher for crushing and screening. It is pointed out that the apron feeder adopts the structural characteristics of a double eccentric shaft exciter, ensuring that the equipment can withstand the impact of large material falling and has a large feeding capacity.

In the production process, block and granular materials can be uniformly, regularly, and continuously fed from the storage bin to the receiving device, thereby preventing the device from crashing due to uneven feeding and extending the service life of the equipment.

Of course, there are inevitably some abnormal situations during the operation of the apron feeder. Below are some countermeasures to deal with these abnormal situations, hoping to be helpful to everyone.


1  When the apron feeder vibrates directionally, torsional vibration occurs. Just adjust the exciting force line of the vibrator to make it pass through the center of gravity of the trough body to avoid Torsional vibration.

2  The vibration of the foundation and frame is relatively large, which is due to the high stiffness of the isolation spring, causing significant vibration of the foundation and frame. The stiffness of the isolation spring should be reduced.

3  The amplitude is too small, which is caused by the large air gap, which increases the consumption of current and power. Simply adjust the air gap to the standard value.

4  The iron core and armature collide, causing damage. Simply adjust the air gap to the standard value and make the working surface of the iron core and armature parallel.


5  If there is a deviation in the direction of material transportation, simply adjust the center line of the tank and the line of excitation force in the same vertical plane to avoid the deviation in the direction of material transportation.

If you encounter any abnormal situations beyond the above, you can contact us, and the engineers will help you solve your problems.

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