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What are the details you have to pay attention to when purchasing a stacker and reclaimer?

At present, bucket wheel stackers and reclaimers are widely used in ports, storage yards, power yards and other places. In addition to the different amount of materials stacked in a single time, stackers of different quality levels may face different unexpected problems in the process of stacking materials. A good stacking equipment can complete the stacking work faster and better. How to better select bucket wheel stacker reclaimer when purchasing stacker equipment? Here is a brief introduction.

1、 Is the operation performance of the equipment qualified?

The performance of different bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is different, the accumulation of different types of goods for stacker equipment requirements are different.When we purchase stacking equipment, the types of stacking equipment we need to purchase are also different. When customers purchase stacking equipment, they need to purchase it according to the specific requirements of the stacking site.

v2-dece4341d6b6f05a9fe66778c4c82059_r2、 Is the energy consumption level of the equipment qualified?

When purchasing the stacking equipment, it is necessary to check the energy consumption level of the stacking equipment. There are many types of bucket wheel stackers and reclaimers sold on the market, and the energy consumption level is naturally different. No matter what field the customer purchases the stacking equipment for, it is necessary to select and use the stacking equipment with a relatively low energy consumption level.

3、 Is the brand of the equipment superior?

When purchasing bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, many customers will give priority to purchasing well-known brands. Generally speaking, the stacker reclaimer of well-known brands can better ensure the quality of products. Sino Coalition Company has many years of design and production experience, and the stacker reclaimer can complete the stacking work on time.

4、 Is the equipment cost-effective?

Side Stacker2When purchasing bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, customers will check whether there is a positive correlation between the market price and the operating performance of the stacker reclaimer. Regardless of the type of stacker selected by customers, customers need to ensure that the performance price ratio of the stacker reclaimer is qualified.

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