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Product Description

The handled pile of the bridge bucket wheel reclaimer is shaped in herringbone by the stacker. Two bucket wheel devices are mounted on the main beam and reciprocate along it on the cross section of the pile. The hoppers of the bucket wheels reclaim the material at different sites on the cross section and realize material blending for the first time, then the bucket wheels rotating around the main beam discharge the material taken at the low point to the receiving belt conveyor mounted on the main beam at the high point to make the second blending. The material unloaded by first bucket wheel will be transported forward by the receiving belt conveyor and mixed with the material discharged by second bucket wheel, achieving the third blending. Finally, all the reclaimed material is unloaded to the overland belt conveyor, completing the fourth blending. Such continuous reclaiming and discharging operations ensure good blending effect. When the buckle-wheel device is moving to another end from one end along with the main beam and complete once reclaiming process, the reclaimer running mechanism will feed forward by a prefixed distance, and under the traction of the buckle-wheel trolley travel mechanism, the two buckle-wheel device will be inverted running along with the main beam and conduct the second blend reclaiming works, the reciprocating motion like this will realize the continuous blend reclaiming works, so as to realize the goal of blend reclaiming. When the buckle-wheel device is reciprocating motion on the main beam, the loosen rake set on the buckle-wheel device will be reciprocating motion on the main beam too, and the rake tooth of the loosen rake will be inserted into the material pile and moving with the buckle-wheel device, the rake tooth of the rake will loosen the surface layer materials of the material pile, the loosened material will be tumbled to the bottom of the material pile, which will conduct a blending works before reclaiming of the buckle-wheel device. The angle of the claw shall be between 37° of piling up angle and slippage angle, and the initial set angle is 38°~39°. The cyclic process of the reclaimer continuously in raking material, reclaiming, unloading, repeated feeding and re-unloading will complete the blend reclaiming works. Main structure: the machine is constituting of buckle-wheel device, running mechanism, belt machine, main beam, material rake device, bucket-wheel connecting beam, buckle-wheel Trolley running mechanism, driver cab, security detection system, security slide wire and so on.